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Sacramento News & Review (May 24, 2018) By Howard Hardee
“I just cried and cried because I felt so awful about myself,” she said. “Then I heard from my friend, and she said, ’If you could see you the way I see you,’ and that kind of flipped the switch for me. I started thinking about all of the women in my life and my best friends growing up—who I think are some of the most beautiful human beings on this planet, inside and out and watching them pick themselves apart.”
Chico News & Review (May 31, 2018) By Howard Hardee
“It was damaging for them and also for me,” she continued. “I want to set an example for other young women, and especially young artists who don’t fit the mold.”
Sacramento News & Review (December 3, 2015) by Janelle Bitker
Hannah Jane Kile exudes remarkable self-assurance…“It’s about admitting when you’re wrong, becoming independent, becoming your own person, not letting the other people in your life dictate who you are,” Kile says. “It’s about not letting the world take your light, take away who you really are.” Finding the courage to be her self wasn’t an easy path.
Submerge Magazine: #201 (November 23, 2015) by Eddie Jorgensen
“Fans of singer/songwriter ditties and ’70s radio fare a la Linda Ronstadt or even Bonnie Raitt, should come en masse to hear a young woman who sounds as full and graceful as the very artists she’s influenced by and often compared to.”
Monterey County Weekly (October 15, 2015) by Marcos Cabrera
“It’s the sort of poised effort that is hard for a teen to pull off convincingly. Now, several years deep into a promising career, Kile has elevated that demeanor to rival a young queen’s grace and elegance.”

Performing on NPR’s “Insight with Beth Ruyak” (2018).

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