Hannah Jane Kile (*Kile pronounced like *Smile) has performed at countless venues & is a favorite opener among celebrated artists some of which include GRAMMY Award winning Patty Griffin, Sammy Miller & The Congregation, Ingrid Michelson, & blues legend Carolyn Wonderland.
Kile is releasing her 5th collection of music in four acts themed for each season, starting with the coldest. Her EP is to be titled “Winter”(December 2021). Hannah’s first of the four EPs is the darkest of any other albums released prior, and its contents consist of stories of alcoholism, abandonment, mental illness, and at times, cruel honesty. “Winter” holds an intensity and timelessness not yet seen by Hannah’s previous releases. Fans of Adele, Ray Lamontagne, & Laura Marling will find this 7 track album to their tastes.